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User Profile Service failed the logon

How to fix User Profile Service failed the logon error Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Delete a file from server using ftp with filezilla

Defending WordPress Against Hackers

How to best Defend WordPress against hackers. Some of us do not worry about the securing WordPress until it is too late. Security, backups and website recovery are to be worried about after the breach. Spend a small amount of time reading, planning and preparing can reduce the risk of your website being hacked. It…

Plugins For Keeping WordPress Secure

  Four Of The Best Plugins For Keeping WordPress Secure and Locked Down. WordPress is by a wide margin, the world’s most popular platform for running websites and managing content. This popularity is a double-edged sword, though. While it has led to a wealth of valuable third-party plugins, the platform’s popularity has also made it…

First Steps to the Best WordPress Website

The Very First Steps to the Best WordPress Website for Search Engine’s. Install WordPresss Go to Permalinks make the default either postname or Month and name. Click Save

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Pinguis Web Cork

Reliable and free website hosting Secure data Click to edit Professionally designed templates SEO Friendly Mobile Optimized Entire Google Font Library Your own domain name Blog Easy-to-use user experience Connects with social network accounts Live Support Team

Customiser Your WordPress Website

Customise Your Website

How to Customise Your WordPress Website with the built in WordPress Customiser. Go to WordPress back end, locate themes under Appearance on the left hand bar. Click the Customize button. This will bring you to a screen which will allow to modify your WordPress theme in real time. On the left you will see a…

Force Showing Hidden Files in Ireland

Force Showing Hidden files with ftp

How to Enable force showing all files in file transfer protocol program. Certain files are ‘hidden’ by default (such as .htaccess files). FTP clients differ in the menus used to alter settings to enable these files to be seen, but all work along the same principles. The following is a guide to showing those ‘hidden…

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error

How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress Using WordPress your guaranteed to come across a maintenance page. Not a big deal if it works but if it does not, this could leave your website as below. We are going to teach you how to fix this error “Briefly unavailable for scheduled…

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Common WordPress Website Errors

The Most Common WordPress Errors and fixes Some very common issues and error fixes for wordpress. All with very easy fixes. This tutorial is written to help you on the most common WordPress fixes and how to fix them instantly. How to Re-Saving Permalinks in WordPress Website If you run into a page that comes…

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Tradesmen Website Design in Ireland

Websites for Tradesmen – Web Design for Tradesmen – Tradesman Websites in Ireland and beyond by Pinguis Website Design. Contact Pinguis Website Design for a direct quotation maximum price €350.00. Contractors Websites in Ireland Website Design Contact 087 7547-098 for your trades Website i.e. Plastering, Electrician Website, Wall Chasing to Ground Work Websites to Machinery,…