Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Designer

Frequently Asked Questions to ask your website designer.

I am interested in building a website? How does that work?

We offers great looking websites and easy to use tools. To offset our costs (hosting, maintenance) websites are supported by a  cost. If that’s not for you, We also offers Package upgrades available for purchase at any time. Options vary by package, but available features include a free custom domain (e.g.,, your own email addresses, an site, SEO tools all for 250 design and 200 hosting for the first year.

  • How long will my site take

    About 3 Days to design. As long as you like! Your site will remain live as long as its hosted.

  • Can I get help with my site?

    We strive to make our tools super easy to use, but everybody has questions. If you’re a user, you get access to our robust Support Community of expert users and We support team members. Premium Package subscribers can also access options like email, 24/7 live chat, and phone support.

  • What are the benefits of a custom domain? How do I get one?

    A custom domain name (for example gives your website a polished and professional look. It’s also easier for your visitors or customers to remember, and it can help increase search ranking on engines like Google. A custom domain comes free with an annual fee.

  • If my website is on a sub domain, can it still show up on Google?

    Absolutely. There are plenty of sub domains ranking for popular keywords. You will still optimize your own site, build your own domain credibility, and acquire your own back links, just like any other website.

  • Can I get custom email addresses that match my domain?

    Yes You Can!!! A customized email address like looks sharp, and is easier to remember. It’s free with our website packages, and really easy to set up.

  • Can I add things like blogs, forums, and member content?

    Yes! Pages like the blog, forum, members-only page, etc, can be added from within your site or contact us.

  • How much storage will I have on my site?

    The amount you’ll need depends on the purpose of your website, so we offer varying amounts. Many website owners never use all of their available storage, so we don’t ask you to pay for what you might not need. If you find that you do need to expand, our packages offer up to 5 GB of monthly storage (that’s around 2,500 songs or 1600 pictures) and unlimited high quality video storage.