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The Plumbing Services Skills Book cover’s

  • Chapter 1 Occupational/Work Health and Safety
  • Chapter 2 Working Effectively in the Plumbing and Services Sector
  • Chapter 3 Carry Out Interactive Workplace Communication
  • Chapter 4 Read Plans and Calculate Quantities
  • Chapter 5 Handle and Store Plumbing Materials
  • Chapter 6 The Tools of the Plumbing Trade
  • Chapter 7 Cut and Join Sheet Metal
  • Chapter 8 Mark Out Materials
  • Chapter 9 Welding using Oxyacetylene and Arc Welding Equipment

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Basic Plumbing Services Skills provides learners with the fundamental skills and basic knowledge for working in the plumbing industry.

It has been fully updated to reflect current plumbing practices, Australian Standards and Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.