Cheap WordPress Website Hosting in Ireland

Features Tailored For WordPress Sites

Pinguis Website Hosting has a knowledgeable and dedicated team dedicated to hosting and your WordPress needs.

Managed WordPress

Pinguis Website Host offers fully-managed WordPress hosting plans that are easy to manage and come with the uptime and optimized WordPress environment you expect for your business.

Automatic Updates

Hosting on our Servers free Website Design

We can automatically update WordPress for customers so you won’t have to worry about your software falling behind. Keep your website updated and secure with Pinguis Website Hosting in Ireland.

Free Site Migration

Moving your website to a new web host can be painful, time consuming and error prone. We offer FREE website migrations with Pinguis Website Hosting.

99% Uptime

We know how important uptime is for your website. Pinguis Website Hosting is committed to providing you industry leading uptime for all your WordPress powered websites in Ireland.

Ultimate Security

We keep the server software up-to-date and manage security patches to make sure your server isn’t vulnerable, providing reliable security for all Pinguis Website Host customers.

We even provide free design on sub domain websites.

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