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Tax Optimisation Ireland. We Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk.

Paper never refuses ink

And it is easy for anyone to say how wonderful they are. are willing to put their money where their mouths are. We offer our Clients guaranteed success and if we do not deliver and the company does not see an improvement in its sales and number of new customers, then are willing to walk away with no fees paid by the Client. We believe that people need to have skin in the game to demonstrate commitment. We will work with you on a sweat equity basis where we all participate and celebrate the successes in the business together.

Cold Calling Techniques

One of the biggest fears that sales people have is Cold calling. They suffer from SCA, Sales Call Anxiety. With ’s winning approach to successful Cold Calling SCA will no longer be an issue with the sales person. will sit with your sales people and help develop them into excellent cold hunters. Using its 3 Step approach to Cold Calling this winning formula will help win new customers and increase revenues.Significant results and progress will be achieved, that is a guarantee and a no foal no fee is offered by Ascent due to the confidence level in its Program.

Customer Value Proposition

Today business is all about Value, what Value are you as a supplier bringing to the table? will work with you in defining your Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and this will help you demonstrate to your customers and prospects your true value and this will lead to increased revenues and new customers as part of s overall winning Pipeline Implementation Process (PIP). It is critical to map out a prospecting strategy for the sales team as a sales person’s time is valuable and should not be wasted calling unqualified prospects.