How to Place Ad with Pictures on DoneDeal.

Go to and Sign in

DoneDeal How to Place Ad with Pictures
  1. Click Place Ad
  2. Select your Ad Type
  3. Click Add Photos / Video










Select Camera, Camcorder, Voice Recorder or Document.





Add photos / video options

  1. If you already have the Photo’s taken go to Documents then images, Select your image.
  2. If you have not taken a picture
  3. Go to Camera and take the photo. At this stage you will see your options which are to press | ok or retry… choose one.
  4. The App automatically detects your Picture.






Scroll Down

Give your Ad a descriptive title in the Ad Title section

Enter Your Price

Under Section Select What category  your Ad will be placed

Put in a description of your product or service in the Ad Description Section


Details Requred on DoneDeal

With this section finished they ask you to confirm Your Details

Full Name

Phone Number


Nearest Area

Select if you are a Professional Trader (this option requires a VAT Number)