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These are a few very simple hints and tips:

Don’t over complicate your business’s website. Having fallen into the trap before i have learned that when you are building a business website:

Information overload

Today we deal with massive amounts of information and many distractions. Visitors to your site often don’t have the luxury to browse through several pages and read every bit of text you can put together. People skim to find the information they need and if it can’t be found, they’re just one “back” button press from the next listing in their Google search results. Websites exist to communicate with potential and existing customers. The more noise added to that communication, the more garbled the signal becomes and the less likely that user becomes a customer. Be sure to keep your message strong by including the right information for your potential customers.

Know what to include in your website

Websites are for users, so think what would you customer want or why would they click on you search result First. Put yourself in their frame of mind when you start planning your site. If you were in the market for your business’s services, what would you want to see? For a restaurant, the menu is an obvious choice and so are the hours of operation. For a lawyer, services offered and a phone number are a good start. Spend some time to figure out what the most important pieces of information are that you, as your own customer, would want to see. Reduce or eliminate the rest.

Make it easy to use

Worse than having a complicated message is a site that is unusable because of a poor design. Take a look at sites in your industry and pick some of your favorites. What do their designs have in common in regards to navigation? Is the information you want to find located in a logical place? Make sure your carefully created content is shown in a way that the user can easily find it.

Bringing it all together

Creating a great business website doesn’t have to be hard. Just put yourself in your user’s shoes and be objective when looking at your work. Once you’re at that point, show some friends or customers and see what they say. You’ll have a site you’re very proud before you know it!

Content is the most important part of the webpage. No matter how flashy and aesthetically pleasing the website looks, without the content the website would be useless and of little value to the readers or visitors.

Navigation is crucial when it comes to website design. Without it your potential clients would not be able to find out about you and your company. The navigation should be easy to use and clearly visible. Some examples include visible links to home pages, “About Us” and “Back” buttons and always link you logo to your home page.

All websites need to have a search box, this is particularly the case, if you want people to explore and learn all about your website and services. The search box should be visible, working and easy to use.

White space is crucial when designing your webpage. This will make it less cluttered, easier to read and manoeuvre around the website.

The date of when last the website was updated is also important. This is so that your visitors know how recent all the information is and whether or not all the specials and offers are still applicable.

It is important that your website loads quickly. This is one of the most important requirements when it comes to designing and creating a website. To ensure that your website downloads within 15 seconds, it is advised that you avoid excessive use of images, animations, videos, flash designs and audio.

The name and logo of the company needs to be included on every webpage so that the visitors know exactly where they are and what to expect.

The design, font, style, content and other aspects need to be consistent throughout the entire website. Remember that keeping it simple and consistent is a very important basic webpage requirement.

Must be attractive and appealing to your visitors. Use colours and an interesting logo to make your website attractive and memorable. Consider colours, images and design.

The alignment of the webpage needs to be considered to ensure that your website is attractive and easy to read without scrolling from one side of the screen to the next. It is also important that your website is aligned with the purpose and goals of the company.

All the different sections of the website need to have specific purpose.

Webpages need to have a call to action. This can be accomplished by using the navigation tools i.e. print this page.

The website should have good usability. This means that the website should be user-friendly, simple and reliable.

All webpages should have a link to the “Contact Us” page or have the necessary number. This number/link needs to be easily visible.

It is important that you ensure that your webpages can be read on a variety of different browsers and screen sizes.


Back to Basic Needs of the User/Customer

A website is used as a form of advertising and it allows your potential clients to learn more about your company and the available products you have to offer. However, there are certain things that your website needs, to ensure that your potential clients are happy.

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