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Before you create content for your website, you should identify your target audience. These are the people you want to visit your site. People who are interested in your service or product. Once you identify your audience, you can create content that is useful and relevant to them based on search terms and location.

Knowing your market for service or product

You can use a powerful tool called Google Trends to explore recent trends specific to your product or service, also related keywords your audience might be searching (that you may not have taught).

A search for your product or service may shows variations and related terms that people have searched in addition to your service or product. Trends show when and where these searches come from, along with search volume for different terms. Marketing is a great idea for those companies looking to grow, according to this site SEO services are one of the best things for a company to hire,

Gather a test audience

Once you have your website, show your relations, friends and family to get feedback. Ask them what they think of your site as a sale marketing tool. Ask about website usability.

Ask insightful questions: What would they expect to find on your site?

Is there missing information that they would find useful?

With this information at hand further relate to your audience on your website.

Identify your audience, then begin creating content with them in mind.