How to verify WordPress Business Website on Google Maps

First off head over to and Sign in with your gmail address.

On the top right Get Your Page. Click it. Decide between the options on this page.

Every business is individual in a sense but there 3 general types here. Pinguis Website Design verified Google Maps for Business


Choose between  different business type Google

On the next screen Search by business name and address.

If one of the results is not your business (and it should not) look to the bottom and None of these match Add your business click here.

Next screen is the main one

1. Add your Business Name

2. Add your business

3. Street Address(be as specific as you can)

4. Enter your City details or a local town (it does not matter to Americans everything is a city)

5.Select your County(Select you county from the drop down)

5. Main business phone

6. Choose the Business Category that best suits your business

7. Decide whether you deliver goods and services to customers at their location.

If Google are unable to locate your business They say that “We can’t find this address.”

If the address you entered is correct, set the map’s marker location to point to your business address.

Click Marker Location Drag the marker on top of your business. To zoom, use the +/- buttons at the bottom right. To move the map, simply click and drag the map.

Just Drag the marker to your Business Location. Your will be returned to the submit Business information page. Submit it fill out the next screens according to your information.

Then Keep an eye out for this postcard — it should arrive with your verification code in 1-2 weeks.

Your business will appear as unverified until you verify using the code sent to you (don’t delay — it’s only good for 30 days). Basiclly you have 30 days to fill out your google plus profile but best to do it straight away.

Within 2 weeks you should get your business postcard. Carefully open it to reveal 5 numbers /digits

With this information head over to and find your unverified business

Enter the details and verity. Congrats your done.

Pinguis Website Design & Development we are verified on google